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BSc in Human Sciences in Geography & Urbanism | MA in Political Geography || The more you know, the less they fool you. That’s why I like to share knowledge.⁣
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

1. French is the language of love, sensuality, romance, and seduction.

Photo by Anthony Choren on Unsplash

A quick history

Enjoying a book with a coffee.

Demarion Washington, 8, left, drinks juice in front of his home as Justin Scott, 8, leaps from a porch at the Jordan Downs Housing Projects in Watts, Calif. on June 5.
Source: Los Angeles Times, 2017

Bus in Los Angeles.
Source: L.A Times, August 8th, 2019

Image 1: The sumptuous veil of smog covering Los Angeles.
Source: Xavier LUBEIGT, July 26th, 2018

Traffic jam in Los Angeles, California.

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